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LEVER's extensive range of LTE, 5G and Wireless Technology training courses includes training on GSM, UMTS through to Wi-Fi, LoRaWAN, Satcoms and more.

The World's leading CWNP courses - superior training, courseware and labs - from the First CWNP™ GOLD Learning Partner (2009) and Europe's longest-established CWNP training provider (2002).

Learn how to REALLY use Ekahau AI Pro for advanced Wi-Fi network Design and Troubleshooting. Get undocumented tips, unbiased advice and learn advanced Ekahau wireless design from the UK's Wi-Fi industry leader.

Learn about the latest IoT technologies - Wireless, AI, Logging, Metrics, Analytics, Control, SCADA, and more .. Our courses on LoRa, LoRaWAN, HaLow, ZigBee, Bluetooth and other IoT wireless technologies incorporate hands-on practical sessions, and cover the subject matter in detail.
Title Code Price (+VAT) Length
Understanding IoT 803 £1,195 1 day
Understanding LoRaWAN IoT Solutions 810 £1,195 1 day
Understanding IoT, LoRa and LoRaWAN in Depth 8102 £1,895 2 days
Smart Cities, IoT and Municipal Wireless Networks 676 £1,195 1 day
Wi-Fi HaLow – Certified Administrator (CWHA™) CWHA £1,895 2 days
Certified Wireless IoT Solutions Administrator (CWISA) CWISA £2,295 4 days
Bluetooth in Depth 696 £2,385 3 days
ZigBee In Depth 698 £2,485 3 days

Get advanced skills in IP network engineering, ISP, Wireless ISP, VoIP, SIP, Voice over Wi-Fi, and more from the industry-leader in network engineering theory and practice.

Get advanced Cyber Security skills and Certifications for IT and Wireless Security from the leader in Wireless Security training.
Title Code Price (+VAT) Length
Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP) CWSP £2,895 4 days
WCC Certified Wi-Fi Security Manager™ (CWSM™) CWSM £2,895 4 days
CompTIA Security+ Boot Camp 302 £2,495 4 days

High-value Management Briefings in Wireless Technologies: Cut your CAPEX and OPEX costs, and run successful projects with Industry-leading Wireless Insight™ from LEVER
Title Code Price (+VAT) Length
Procuring Wireless Networks and Services PWNS £1,195 1 day
Understanding IoT 803 £1,195 1 day
Understanding Mobile & Wireless Communications 692 £1,895 2 days
Smart Cities, IoT and Municipal Wireless Networks 676 £1,195 1 day

LEVER deliver a wide range of modern Telecoms courses - only a small sample are listed here. For example, we provide specialist courses in Telephony, VoIP, ADSL evolution, Signaling, Transmission, Passive Optical Networking, Satellite Communications and many more.

WCC-Authorised Wireless Network Engineering courses delivered by LEVER - the Wi-Fi industry leader, the World's First CWNP™ GOLD Learning Partner (2009) and Europe's longest-established CWNP course provider (2002).

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