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Fast, Reliable Holiday Park Wi-Fi

Owners and holiday makers demand fast, reliable, high-quality Wi-Fi and Internet connectivity – a home-away-from-home experience for streaming TV, gaming and more. But park Wi-Fi is far from easy.

Too many park Wi-Fi companies provide an unreliable service that can easily damage your brand, customer satisfaction and profits. Complaints that we hear include:

  • “Can’t connect ”  ..  “Can’t log in ..”
  • “The service is slow ” .. “Buffering when streaming TV ..”
  • “Service is unreliable ” ..

There are reasons why you’ll struggle to find even 4-star reviews for Holiday park Wi-Fi providers.

Direct to Van (DTV) service

It may surprise you to know that we invented the Direct to Van (DTV) concept, which delivers high-speed Internet service direct to each holiday home.

Each van or home has its own router, providing a convenient, reliable and secure service to your customers.

This low-cost method is fast to deploy in existing parks, with zero disruption. Homes can be added to the network individually or site-wide.

Leisure Park Wi-Fi - Avoid the Pitfalls

Since 2008 we have been helping holiday park owners and Wi-Fi service providers to deliver exceptional Wi-Fi to new parks, and to troubleshoot and upgrade existing networks.

We take a different approach – putting quality of service first for you and your valued customers.

Our industry-leading Wi-Fi service monitoring enables us to:

  • Identify problems before they occur
  • Track Wi-Fi service at the per-customer level
  • Provide effective support to customers and staff
  • Reduce service issues to the absolute minimum.

There are many pre-requisites to fast, reliable Internet service provision in Leisure venues. We know – we’ve seen it all, we’ve literally written the books and we’ve helped other service providers in every aspect of leisure Wi-Fi survey, design, installation and support.

Our customers include several big-name venues and park Wi-Fi providers that you will have heard of.

Make sure that your leisure Wi-Fi service meets the demanding expectations of your customers – contact us for a free consultation.

Most Leisure Wi-Fi services fail due to:

  • Sub-optimal network design and installation
  • Inappropriate cost-cutting
  • Inadequate maintenance
  • Sub-standard monitoring, diagnosis and support

Whether you’d like us to support your existing leisure Wi-Fi service, or help you upgrade to a new standard – we can help.

If Wi-Fi is under-performing at your venue, our comprehensive and cost-effective survey and troubleshooting services will reveal the problems.

Our deep insights will enable us to improve your customer Wi-Fi service to a level that exceeds guest expectations.

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