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High-Performance Office Wi-Fi for Business and Enterprise

Enterprise Wi-Fi for Business and Offices

All businesses, large and small, are transitioning to Wi-Fi for their primary network connection – eliminating data cabling from the office and bringing:

  • Mobility throughout the premises
  • Improved communications, internally and externally
  • Elimination of office cabling and insecure data points
  • Reduction in Ethernet switch costs
  • Flexible desk positioning and office layout
  • BYOD and Mobile Device Management
  • Ease of adding and moving users
  • Ability to provide easy, secure guest network access

Advanced Integration

We have more than two decades of experience providing exceptional, high-performance Wi-Fi networks for organisations of all types and sizes. Some of our advanced work includes:

  • Wi-Fi 6 and 6E (6 GHz) for increased capacity
  • Multiple VLAN operation
  • Wi-Fi Security integration with Active Directory (AD)
  • Enrolment for BYOD and Mobile Device Management
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Guest network access and Captive Portals
  • High capacity networks for video conferencing (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GVC)
  • Seamless Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWLAN / Wireless VoIP)
  • Multi-site operation
  • End-to-end Security and Auditing

Wi-Fi Performance Problems

Many of our customers came to us after experiencing problems with their office Wi-Fi networks, including:

  • Slow Wi-Fi connections
  • Wi-Fi coverage problems (Wi-Fi dead spots)
  • Poor quality Zoom and Microsoft Teams calls
  • Unreliable Wi-Fi service
  • Wi-Fi roaming problems
  • Wi-Fi security concerns

As the industry’s leading Wi-Fi experts, we eliminate Wi-Fi problems through in-depth and rapid Wi-Fi fault diagnosis using advanced tools and techniques.

Our work with some of the biggest companies in the World, enables us to deliver fast and effective intervention and remediation of existing Wi-Fi networks.


Our experience across all Wi-Fi network manufacturers – including Cisco, HP, Extreme, Aerohive, Commscope Ruckus, Fortinet, Ubiquiti UniFi and more – means that we offer independent and impartial advice regardless of which manufacturer you choose. We operate as Wi-Fi Survey and Design consultants, and provide secure end-to-end solutions – whatever you needs.

You need your WiFi network to perform reliably, 24 x 7 – even in complex and challenging environments. Our expert Wi-Fi network Planning, Survey and Design guarantees the performance of your Wi-Fi network.

During Wi-Fi network planning, design and survey, we employ advanced methodologies that few other IT companies or other Wi-Fi companies have seen.

We do this in consultation with our clients to ensure that their networks are designed to uncompromising standards, enabling us to guarantee wireless network coverage, capacity, performance and security.

Take advantage of our expert knowledge and experience to ensure the success of your Wi-Fi project.

Office professionals need Wi-Fi networks that deliver the capacity, reliability, performance and smooth operation for maximum productivity.

LEVER’s unique Optimised by Design™ WiFi network design methodologies for Commercial and Enterprise Wi-Fi delivers maximum performance and return on investment.

Ask us for details on how we typically save between 30% and 50% on CAPEX and OPEX while still delivering better networks than our competitors.

Whether you’re looking for ad-hoc advice, 24 x 365 advanced Wi-Fi monitoring and support, or to outsource your Wi-Fi network function – we’re here to help.

With UK-wide coverage, our engineers respond quickly and effectively, whether on-site or via remote technical assistance.

With remote Wi-Fi network monitoring, we can often intervene pre-emptively, identifying and eliminating network problems before you ever see them.

Whether you need a new Wi-Fi solution, or an extension to an existing Wi-Fi network, our expertise with all manufacturer’s products ensures that your network is designed for maximum ROI and performs optimally – whatever your applications or environment.

Key Points

Our customers typically save 30% – 50% on CapEx and OpEx thanks to our Optimised Wi-Fi network Design skills.

Call the industry’s leading Wi-Fi experts for rapid diagnosis and remediation of your Wi-Fi network.

Whether Wi-Fi, wireless IoT, office or enterprise WAN, make sure that your networks are secure. Get in-depth analysis and advice with our advanced wireless network security auditing.

We guarantee that your Wi-Fi network will meet your performance requirements throughout your facility.

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