Wi-Fi RF Network

The Wi-Fi RF Network

The physical part of a Wi-Fi installation is the Wi-Fi RF Network.

So How do you Design and Certify a Wi-Fi RF network?

This is the crucial question – because if you can’t design a fit-for-purpose RF Network, then your Wi-Fi deployment simply won’t perform.

Wi-Fi RF Network Design

We have standards for physical Ethernet cabling – Cat 5e and Cat 6.  But what about a Wi-Fi network?

Answer:  There isn’t a standard for Wi-Fi RF networks!

Question:  What standard was your last Wi-Fi network designed to?

Answer:  Probably none at all.

There may have been mention of Signal Strength (dBm) or Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) (dB) .. but we can show you how these figures alone are meaningless.

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So How do you Design a Wi-Fi Network?

To do this, you need expert skills that are in short supply.

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What about IEEE 802.11ac? or 802.11ax?

Standards like 802.11ac – Wi-Fi 5 – and 802.11ax – Wi-Fi 6 – are NOT standards for Wi-Fi RF network Design ..

Wi-Fi network vendors have been pushing IEEE 802.11ac, and now 802.1ax, as silver bullets – promising superb performance and reliability.

.. with “Seamless roaming ” ..

But in fact – 802.11ac and 802.11ax simply define equipment and protocols.  Not how to design and build a state-of-the-art Wi-Fi network.

Optimised Wi-Fi Networks

What is an Optimised Wi-Fi network?

A network which is expertly-designed – fit-for-purpose – reliable – and deployed at least cost.

Automatic RF

“Automatic RF management” mechanisms on APs or WLAN controllers – such as Cisco’s AutoRF and RRM, Aurba’s ARM and other vendor algorithms – are often worse than useless.  They are no silver bullet.

Sales spin from Wi-Fi vendors can give the impression that we don’t have to worry much about Wi-Fi network Design or Configuration – because auto RF mechanisms will take care of everything.

But that would be like an Ethernet switch trying to fix your sub-standard cabling!

What is the Wi-Fi RF Network?

A Wi-Fi RF network is the product of:

  • The Vendor and Model of each Wi-Fi AP deployed.
  • The Number of APs deployed.
  • The Location of each AP (really, it’s the AP’s antennas).
  • The chosen Antenna types.
  • Each Antenna’s orientation – azimuth, elevation and polarisation.
  • The Transmit Power level of each AP radio.
  • The RF Channel and Channel Width used by each radio.

The “automatic RF management” schemes used in enterprise Wi-Fi products control only two of these:

  • Power levels
  • RF Channel

The rest are determined by the Wi-Fi network installer. And once your network’s installed – you’re stuck with it!

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