Industry-leading Wi-Fi health-check, Validation Surveys and Network Design Solutions for manufacturing environments

Industrial Wireless Networks Today

Manufacturing plants, warehouses and distribution centres present unique obstacles for Wi-Fi, including building structures, signal propagation, and sources of interference. Industrial networks need careful planning and a different approach from traditional enterprise networks.

Robust Wi-Fi networks can reduce operational costs and increase productivity and output – keeping producers, suppliers, and ultimately your customers happy.

Industrial Wireless Applications

A range of wireless devices and applications can be deployed by industry, however these all require reliable, secure, robust Wi-Fi networks.

We specialise in key applications such as:

  • Wi-Fi networks for mobile robots
  • Wireless VoIP phones and badges
  • Unmanned produce vehicles
  • Wireless printing on production floor
  • Inventory scanners
  • Industrial IoT, SCADA, telemetry and control

Expert WiFi Survey and Design for Manufacturing and Industry

WiFi networks for Manufacturing and Industry must perform reliably, 24 x 7 – often in complex and challenging environments with obstructions and sources of RF interference that go beyond warehouse and logistics environments.

Expert wireless network Survey and Design – performed by engineers with industry-leading experience – are essential.

As in manufacturing, engineering and other forms of industry, LEVER works to comprehensive and detailed design specifications that go far beyond those you will see from other companies.

Expert wireless network design is essential, but expert installation and stringent testing and validation are vital too, to ensure your WiFi installation is rock solid.

Our industry-leading Wi-Fi health-check and Wi-Fi validation surveys for manufacturing environments will reveal any defects in your WiFi networks, with effective recommendations for remediation.

Is seamless, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity achievable in manufacturing environments? Call us to find out more.

During every stage of our WiFi network design, survey, implementation and validation work, we employ advanced methodologies that few IT companies or other WiFi companies have seen.

We work in close consultation with our clients to ensure that their networks are designed to uncompromising standards, enabling us to guarantee wireless network coverage, capacity, performance and security.

Take advantage of our expert RF and wireless systems knowledge and experience to ensure the success of your wireless projects.

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