Wired and Wireless Networks for Hotels and Hospitality venues

Fast, Simple, Reliable Wi-Fi is essential

Hotel guests have increasing expectations for fast and reliable Wi-Fi service in hospitality venues. For many, Wi-Fi is more important than other aspects of your service.

With many hotel Wi-Fi systems becoming dated, unreliable, or just incapable of delivering the speeds and capacity that your clients need, poor customer service, reputational damage and revenue loss are serious risks.

Great Wi-Fi for Hospitality venues

Great Wi-Fi at hospitality and Leisure venues brings:

  • Guest satisfaction and retention
  • Positive reviews
  • Fewer Customer Services complaints
  • Increased likelihood of social media sharing
  • A reliable medium for engaging with guests
  • Location intelligence on guests
  • Reliable in-house mobile payment systems

For reliable hotel Wi-Fi, especially in challenging properties, expert Wi-Fi survey and design are essential. Many venues have suffered poor service, or higher costs for their Wi-Fi network, because of poor or inadequate Wi-Fi design and survey.

Let the UK’s leading Wi-Fi survey company guarantee the coverage, capacity, performance and reliability that you need for your venue.

We provide highly customisable guest Wi-Fi solutions, including:

  • Bespoke branded splash pages
  • Terms and Conditions of Use
  • Mobile-first design and experience
  • Tiered and limited Wi-Fi speeds and services
  • Guest data capture
  • Charged or free Wi-Fi access
  • Integration with hotel management systems
  • Smart Hotel Room Experience
  • Integration with smart thermostats, lighting and hotel IoT.

If your venue’s Wi-Fi is under-performing, our comprehensive and cost-effective survey and troubleshooting services will reveal the problems – whether that’s poor Wi-Fi coverage, lack of Wi-Fi capacity, poor design for roaming, or one of many other problems.

Our actionable insights enable venues to improve their customer Wi-Fi service to a level that exceeds guest expectations.

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