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Wi-Fi Network Design for Offices World-wide

LEVER play a central role in the Design and Operation of reliable Wi-Fi infrastructures across the International office estate of a Global Medical Manufacturer

Project Background

Dependable Wi-Fi across offices World-wide

LEVER’s customer is a global medical device manufacturer with a turnover in excess of US $1Bn and a market capitalisation of more than $5Bn.

With offices located around the World, Wi-Fi is the primary network connection for its employees, who need dependable IT services around the clock.

The customer first approached LEVER in 2017 seeking a market-leading company to design a Wi-Fi network that would meet the demands of its users reliably – 24×365.

Goals and Objectives

Wi-Fi that performs - 24x365

For this multi-national company, user satisfaction with Wi-Fi was a fundamental requirement, followed by cost control and ease of working with the new Wi-Fi partner.

The new Wi-Fi network had to deliver reliable coverage throughout all areas of the premises, so that users could easily connect and work uninterrupted.

Network performance should meet user expectations, with capacity to support all users at peak times – when staff are at their busiest.

The network had to be expertly designed to avoid any need for any repeat visits to this remote, International office.

Why did the customer choose LEVER?

Industry leadership, flexibility and vendor-independence

LEVER’s Wi-Fi industry leadership – through standards-definition, engineer training and certification – combined with vendor-independence and flexibility, were key factors in the customer’s decision to select LEVER.

Process and Insight

Commitment to Design Excellence and Cost Savings

Every Wi-Fi network project should follow a five-stage process:

  1. Planning
  2. Survey and Design
  3. Installation
  4. Optimisation
  5. Support

LEVER would work closely with the customer’s IT team to perform Phases 1, 2 and 5.

Pre-installation on-site Wi-Fi Design survey, using APs placed temporarily on tripods, would eliminate the need for a post-installation Validation survey visit to the office.

A critical component – the detailed Wi-Fi network Design Specification – has a huge bearing on the success of a Wi-Fi project, and on CapEx and OpEx. Detailed specifications were to be written specifically for the client.

The Solution

Integrated Wi-Fi Survey, Design, Optimisation and Support

LEVER delivered a 5-stage Design, Optimisation and Support assignment:

  • Predictive Wi-Fi network design using floor plans
  • On-site survey using LEVER’s MAPT™ survey method
  • Wi-Fi network Design Optimisation
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Post-implementation Support to the customer’s IT team

LEVER liaised with the US-based IT team and with personnel at the International office to cover all enquiries on IT, network integration, working practices, International travel, local site liaison and on-site Health & Safety.

The Outcome

Performant Wi-Fi, satisfied users and a 4-year Partnership

Following the success of LEVER’s first assignment, this global client has called upon LEVER for a total of ten Wi-Fi assignments during a four year partnership.

In fact, LEVER has engineered the critical Wi-Fi installations for all of the company’s International offices.

LEVER’s Wi-Fi network designs have transformed user satisfaction with Wi-Fi across all locations, boosting productivity and eliminating Support Desk calls.

LEVER is firmly established as this customer’s trusted go-to partner for Wi-Fi network engineering.

LEVER have delivered a series of successful Wi-Fi network projects for offices located outside N. America.

LEVER's approach is professional, flexible and dependable, with all International surveys completed without a hitch.

We look forward to working with LEVER on our future International Wi-Fi projects.

- Project Co-Ordinator
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