Warehousing and Logistics

Reliable WiFi for Warehouses and Logistics Hubs

WiFi for Warehouses and Logistics

Wi-Fi for Warehousing and Logistics has become more challenging with the increasing move away from basic barcode readers to newer hand-held, body-worn and truck-mounted scanners, readers, tablets and Voice over WiFi handsets.

WiFi dead spots, unreliable WiFi connections and robotic speech can be replaced with seamless warehouse WiFi coverage, reliable wireless connections, with smooth WiFi roaming and clear, continuous voice calls throughout your warehouse.

Achieving reliable WiFi for Warehousing and Logistics requires specialist WiFi knowledge, expert WiFi survey and design, professional WiFi installation and 24 x 7 WiFi network support.

Expert Help for Warehousing and Logistics

LEVER engineer Wi-Fi networks with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the specific challenges and demands of warehousing and logistics. Our state-of-the-art tools and our unique methodologies set us apart from the rest.

Expert WiFi Survey and Design for Performance and Reliability

WiFi networks must perform reliably, 24 x 7 in warehouse and logistics environments, and we see many that don’t – thanks to poor WiFi network survey and design.

Take advantage of our expert knowledge and experience to ensure the success of your warehouse WiFi project.

Wi-Fi networks for Warehouses and Logistics Hubs

Warehouse Wi-Fi networks must be pervasive, reliable and secure but this isn’t always the case.

Our warehouse Wi-Fi health-check and Wi-Fi validation surveys enable you to guarantee seamless Wi-Fi coverage for your warehouse or logistics environment.

Key Points

Warehouse Wi-Fi networks pose specific challenges that require experience and expert design. Your warehouse Wi-Fi network needs to be engineered for coverage, capacity, performance, reliability and security.

Increased productivity in warehouse and logistics environments requires fast and reliable wireless communications, with quick and easy access to Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) for SmartBarcode scanning, system-directed picking, warehouse stock control and automated inventory processes.

Voice over WiFi (VoWLAN / Wireless VoIP) in warehouses is a demanding application often disappoints in warehouses where WiFi has not been designed, installed, configured and supported well.

LEVER have specialist experience in planning, design, installation and support of 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) WiFi networks for real-time control of warehouse robots at extreme density and scale.

Contact us for advice on any aspect of WiFi design or passive, active, predictive and health-check WiFi survey for warehouse and logistics applications.

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