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The Challenges in Education

Recent studies have shown that the biggest IT challenges faced in 2022 by schools and higher education are:

  • Financial Budget
  • Technical Training for Teachers
  • Staffing IT Support
  • Old or non-functional equipment
  • Training for the IT Team

Since 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic, the top three new services needed are:

  • Remote Learning (including class recording)
  • Cloud Services
  • Improved Wi-Fi

Laptops and Tablets are now key to learning. Meanwhile, IT Integration is deemed insufficient.

Realisations from Covid-19

Key realisations resulting from Covid-19 include:

  • The importance of good IT service and infrastructure has increased;
  • The long-term benefits of learning technology are being overlooked due to more immediate priorities and needs;
  • The ever-expanding list of IT systems leaves the IT team’s knowledge stretched and diluted;
  • Resources available in the IT department are insufficient;
  • Time spent administering IT systems negatively impacts how IT can perform their duties effectively.

87% of respondents are either not confident or are unsure about the security of their network.

More than a third of schools are concerned that their networks will fail to meet demands within 2 years.

Top Priorities in Education

Our infographic shows the Top Priorities for IT in Education.

The provision of new devices for students and staff, and the ability to support applications with fast, secure wireless networks, are the top priorities in education.

University Wi-Fi - University of Exeter

The University of Exeter is a long-established customer and together we have defined new standards for Wi-Fi network engineering:

  • A valued client – with more than six years support
  • Authoritative advice on Wireless technologies
  • Campus-wide Wi-Fi network Planning, Design, Survey
  • Comprehensive Wi-Fi network Auditing
  • Advanced Technical Training in 802.11 / Wi-Fi operations
  • Liaison with the University’s Wi-Fi vendor and network installation team
  • Multiple contracts delivered against competitive tender

Wi-Fi Design and Survey for Universities, Colleges and Schools

Students and staff need Wi-Fi networks that will deliver the capacity they need not just now, but throughout the network’s lifetime – which has rarely if ever been the case. Recent demands have amply demonstrated the need for advanced planning and design – to avoid problems in future, yet still work within a limited budget.

LEVER’s unique Optimised by Design™ Wi-Fi network design methodologies for Universities, Colleges and Schools deliver ground-breaking results – best in class for any Wi-Fi network provider.

Ask us for details on how we typically save between 30% and 50% on CapEx and OpEx while still delivering better networks than our competitors.

Our low-cost Wi-Fi health-checks and validation surveys enable schools and colleges to see immediately whether their Wi-Fi coverage and capacity are able to meet their needs – room-by-room, both now and in the near-term.

Our insights enable the best decisions to be taken by governors and IT staff to improve the network exactly where and when it’s needed.

Throughout our work, we aim to deliver the Wi-Fi performance and reliability needed for education using the minimum financial budget.

Choose from a range of onboarding, BYOD and MDM options – we cover them all, including:

  • Integrated solutions from Commscope / Ruckus, HP, Cisco, Extreme, UniFi and more;
  • Third-party packages;
  • Hybrid solutions that we have developed to integrate captive portals with Directory Services
  • eduroam and more.

Key Points

Our authority in Wi-Fi network is unchallenged by other IT and wireles companies, as we continue to lead the industry through Wireless Engineer Training and Certification, Innovation and WiFi Engineering prowess. No other IT company and no other UK WiFi company can match our credentials.

Our believe schools, colleges and universities deserve the best from their investments in IT – especially WiFi. There’s still too much inadequate WiFi – and money needlessly wasted by low-grade WiFi surveyors and providers.

We offer straightforward discounts on our pricing to education with absolutely no compromise on our service delivery.

With UK-wide coverage and 24 x 365 monitoring and support, our engineers respond quickly, effectively and often pre-emptively – identifying and eliminating network problems before they arise.

LEVER’s unique, evolutionary and time-tested WiFi network engineering methodologies, your WiFi network will meet your current and future needs – guaranteed.

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