High performance Wi-Fi for Retailers and Shopping Centres

Wi-Fi for Retail

Sophisticated retail Wi-Fi solutions deliver more than just a great customer experience – they reveal consumer habits, footfall, demographics and enable you to market services accurately and in real time. Benefits include:

  • Footfall counting and people tracking
  • Customer analytics
  • Integration with loyalty databases
  • Enhanced location-based offerings
  • Fully-branded retail Wi-Fi
  • Targeted advertising and messaging
  • Improved shopper loyalty and brand loyalty
  • Automatic roaming with Wi-Fi Passpoint (Hotspot 2.0)

Meeting Customer Expectations

With the increase of comparative shopping, a high proportion of shoppers now check online reviews before buying products and services. Surveys have found that if they can’t access reviews, they often defer purchasing.

Retailers increasingly need fast, reliable Wi-Fi networks that deliver coverage where and when it’s needed.

The same network should serve the devices and applications used by your staff, with no areas of poor coverage or performance.

Retail environments – and the applications you need to support – present specific challenges for Wi-Fi, especially with interference from other retail Wi-Fi networks.

We’ve served many retail venues, and we’re at the forefront of developments in retail marketing, beacons, sensors, tracking and analytics.

Problems with Retail Wi-Fi Installations

Is your retail Wi-Fi service slow or intermittently unreliable? Do users struggle to connect or complain about performance? We know – we’ve seen it all.

Survey and assessment of retail Wi-Fi networks installed by third parties is a major part of our work. Using bespoke survey methods and sophisticated analysis, we get to the root of how your retail Wi-Fi network is performing.

We act on behalf of well-known retail landlords, assessing and critiquing the services provided by the biggest and best-known Wi-Fi service providers. We always find room for improvement and our findings have been revealing.

Our comprehensive reports, actionable insights and our authority with service providers empower our customers to drive improvements in their retail Wi-Fi service.

Get on board with the UK’s leading Wi-Fi experts – working for you.

New design principles now apply to retail Wi-Fi networks, especially for people counting, location, tracking and analytics.

Tap into our unrivalled Wi-Fi network design expertise to get the functionality and performance you need from retail WiFi .

We’re vendor-neutral – working with Cisco, Commscope Ruckus, Extreme, HP, Meraki and more – and with third-party captive portal providers and analytics platforms.

As the UK’s leading authority in WiFi networks, our WiFi survey, diagnostic, reporting and troubleshooting abilities are unrivalled.

Concerned about your retail WiFi network?

Get the insights you need now – call us for details.

We have developed advanced systems that provide analytics not offered by other retail Wi-Fi providers.

Find out how we can complement your retail WiFi systems with powerful new functionality and features.

Our bespoke WiFi service monitoring and support systems provide the insight you need into the operation and performance of your retails WiFi networks.

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