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Wi-Fi Engineering for Voice and Real-time Warehouse Operations

LEVER help a UK leader in Software Distribution with Wi-Fi for demanding Voice and Real-time Warehouse operations

Project Background

Wi-Fi network Analysis and Re-engineering

LEVER’s customer is a leading UK distributor of video games providing state-of-the-art distribution for thousands of products.

Wi-Fi is the sole network connection, not just for Warehouse employees but for all voice communications and telephony on site.

With intermittent but persistent voice call problems across the premises, the customer initially approached LEVER for advanced training in Wi-Fi engineering.

Goals and Objectives

Wi-Fi for the most demanding application - Voice Telephony

With an existing Meraki Wi-Fi network that was due for refresh, and which had under-performed when supporting Voice over Wi-Fi across their site, the customer looked to LEVER for industry-leading training and advice in Wi-Fi network engineering for its IT team.

Recognising the complexity of diagnosing intermittent Wi-Fi problems, especially for the most demanding application – Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWLAN), the customer commissioned LEVER to perform a Wi-Fi Health Check and Diagnosis survey.

Why did the customer choose LEVER?

The Industry Authority in Wi-Fi network Engineering

LEVER has been a World leader in Training for Wi-Fi Engineers since 2002, delivering the most comprehensive programme of Wi-Fi training courses in the World – spanning 22 days of continuing instruction, with unique, high-value, industry-leading engineer certifications.

LEVER’s initial Training and Consultancy assignment expanded into Wi-Fi network Survey, Analysis, re-Engineering and Long-Term support for this valued client.

Process and Insight

Close Partnership - sharing Knowledge, Experience and Support

With the Meraki Wireless network reaching the end of its licensed term, further OpEx costs would be incurred if the customer retained the Meraki network.

With Wi-Fi standards having recently evolved from Wi-Fi 5 (IEEE 802.11ac) to Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), both LEVER and the customer recognised that a technology upgrade was appropriate.

The customer had existing Voice over Wi-Fi handsets from a well-known manufacturer, but LEVER quickly determined that these lacked key features that are needed for reliable Voice over Wi-Fi.

Some key questions from the customer included:

  • Was the existing Wi-Fi network design and installation fit for purpose?
  • Could cost savings be made through Optimised Wi-Fi Survey network re-design?
  • Was reliable Voice over Wi-Fi achievable in the Warehouse environment?
  • Should the customer purchase new Wi-Fi equipment from Meraki, or another manufacturer?
  • Should the customer purchase new, more expensive Voice over Wi-Fi handsets to replace the existing WL3 handsets?

LEVER’s extensive Wi-Fi Survey and Engineering experience, combined with its vendor independence, enabled the company to give a series of impartial and authoritative recommendations.

The Solution

Training, Survey, Re-Engineering and Support

LEVER’s Health Check, Diagnostic and Remediation survey of Voice over Wi-Fi operation included:

  • Wi-Fi site survey and analysis against rigorous specifications
  • Changes to Wi-Fi Channels and AP radio Transmit Power levels
  • Re-assessment of VoWLAN performance
  • On-site Wi-Fi network Design Survey using LEVER’s advanced MAPT™ method
  • Supply and installation of a new Cisco Catalyst 9100 series Wi-Fi network
  • Post-installation Verification survey
  • Network Optimisation
  • On-going Training and Support

The Outcome

Wi-Fi that's far improved and fully supported in Partnership

LEVER’s re-designed Wi-Fi network solution has improved the user experience tremendously.

Whilst voice over Wi-Fi is an unforgiving application, the customer’s network support team are using the Wi-Fi engineering skills acquired from LEVER to maintain and improve services using advanced tools.

The close partnership with LEVER has developed further to include collaboration on a new cutting-edge Wi-Fi performance monitoring system for the client.

Stay posted for future updates on that!

LEVER have delivered a series of successful Wi-Fi network projects for offices located outside N. America.

LEVER's approach is professional, flexible and dependable, with all International surveys completed without a hitch.

We will continue to work with LEVER on our future Wi-Fi projects.

- Project Co-Ordinator
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LEVER are recognised by many as the UK's leading Wi-Fi experts, having led the industry since 2002 with authority, capability and experience that differentiates us from the rest.


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Our World-leading curriculum includes many unique courses and seminars, and specialist Bespoke training.


Experts in the field since 2005

We teach the industry in Wi-Fi network design and we define new standards for Wi-Fi network engineering.


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