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Enabling Robust Metropolitan Wireless CCTV for Public Safety

LEVER play a central role in the Design and Procurement of a Metropolitan Wireless Network for Public Safety CCTV

Project Background

Modernising Metropolitan CCTV with Wireless Infrastructure

LEVER’s customer is the Metropolitan Council of a large Borough town in England.

One of the Council’s responsibilities is the provision of a secure and reliable CCTV network across the town centre out to the suburbs, to enhance public safety, deter crime and attract new business.

The CCTV network was to be upgraded to incorporate some 300 camera locations, however cost savings were essential.

This led the Council to consider a Metropolitan-scale outdoor wireless network to replace leased circuits and 4G mobile network connections.

  • Client:Metropolitan Borough Council
  • Sector:Government

The Challenge

An ageing CCTV network with failing 4G wireless links

LEVER’s customer had several major objectives:

  • Upgrade the existing CCTV network
  • Replace 4G mobile network connections which were proving unreliable
  • Expand the network with 120 new cameras
  • Reduce annual operating costs

As part of their CCTV network modernisation programme, the Council wished to evaluate the extent to which a city-wide outdoor Wireless Network Infrastructure could cut their costs for leased lines and 4G mobile network services.

Why did the customer choose LEVER Technology Group?

A proven Track Record in Wireless Network Design

LEVER was selected for this substantial outdoor wireless network project on recommendation from a City council customer for whom LEVER had delivered a similar and highly successful project.

LEVER’s consultative approach, supplier independence and innovation in the field were further reasons behind the choice.

In essence, LEVER was recognised as an authority in outdoor wireless network engineering, and had a clear track record of success.

Goals and Objectives

100 CCTV camera locations and a Public Wi-Fi service

The outdoor wireless network needed to support 300 new CCTV cameras installed at 100 different locations across the town out to the suburbs, with high availability for reliable 24×365 CCTV monitoring.

The network would also provide backhaul for a town centre public Wi-Fi network.

LEVER was also tasked with producing Invitation To Tender (ITT) documentation for the council in a way that:

  • Enabled a wide range of suppliers to bid
  • Provided the essential network design data needed by suppliers
  • Reduced the survey work and research that bidders would have to perform
  • Defined a common network design on which all suppliers could bid
  • Set stringent standards for bidders – during Tender and Project Delivery

Process and Insight

Innovation, expertise and attention to detail

LEVER worked closely with the Council to scope the project, which included:

  • Close liaison with the Council during the Planning phase
  • Survey of 100 physical locations spread across 35 square km
  • Outdoor wireless network design for 300 CCTV cameras
  • Report and presentation to the Council team
  • Full documentation and survey data for the ITT

The Solution

A comprehensive project, delivered at fixed price

LEVER presented the customer with a comprehensive project proposal incorporating:

  • Remote survey using 3D planning tools
  • On-site survey using active wireless equipment
  • Network traffic modelling and simulation
  • Network design – iterating through multiple alternative solutions
  • Report production
  • Data collation for ITT bidders
  • ITT document writing
  • Review of Tender bids
  • Evaluation of supplier proposals and presentations

The Outcome

An Optimised Wireless Network to cut CapEx and OpEx

LEVER’s network design was a sophisticated “Star of Stars” design with a resilient central Ring network, using the Council’s buildings, and those of selected third parties, as Tower and Relay locations.

All 100 camera locations were able to use either direct or relayed wireless links, providing maximum cost savings.

All wireless links were designed to carry the requisite CCTV camera traffic, with comprehensive Traffic Modelling and Link Budget calculations that incorporated margins for link fading whilst maintaining 99.95% availability.

The network was designed to enable the use commoditised wireless equipment in selected locations, subject to carefully-written minimum specifications to ensure fitness for purpose and reliability in use. This enabled the Council to make significant further costs savings.

Another Successful Project

A good number of ITT bids were received and several suppliers were shortlisted.

All proposals were reviewed for technical merit and compliance by LEVER, leading to final bidder selection, presentations and a successful bidder being selected.

The network has been rolled out and is providing reliable CCTV services for the Council and the local population.

LEVER’s network design provided a solid foundation for ITT proposals.

Economies of scale meant Bidders did not need to absorb or pass on any survey or design costs.

The Council was able to evaluate ITT submissions more easily because they were based on a common reference design.

- Ian Lever, Senior Project Manager
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