Wireless network Services and Solutions for Healthcare

Wireless Technologies in Healthcare

Hospitals, clinics and surgeries use many different wireless technologies – including Wi-Fi, DECT, legacy paging, WMTS, cellular, RFID, Near-Field Communications (NFC), Bluetooth, ZigBee, LoRa / LoRaWAN and many more.

Wireless in healthcare is used for a wide range of communications requirements, including:

  • Patient monitoring with connected implants
  • Smart tags and smart cards
  • Voice and data communications between practitioners and key workers
  • Wireless location tracking and security
  • New Internet of Things applications.

Reliable connections at all times

The advantages when wireless technologies are used effectively in healthcare include:

  • Accurate medical records: patient data is collected at the bedside and transmitted securely to medical information systems.
  • Automated records are more accurate than those that use data entered offline.
  • Cost savings: efficient and effective use of wireless sensors and monitoring equipment to reduce costs.
  • Real-time access to medical records for practitioners, administration and research.
  • Improved privacy and security: with sensors sending data directly to medical equipment and hospital systems, personal information is kept more secure.
  • Patient satisfaction: expert use of wireless technologies helps improve services and customer satisfaction.
    Improved efficiency: increased integration of wireless technologies enables healthcare staff to focus on patient care.

Wireless VoIP Communications

Wireless Voice over IP communications are used increasingly in hospitals and healthcare environments, but this demanding application requires uncompromising Wi-Fi network design and configuration.

We have more experience than most, being VoIP telephony specialists since 2001 and Wi-Fi experts since 2002, and having worked in the most demanding environments.

We have helped many users of wireless voice systems to resolve on-going problems such as call failures, poor speech quality, call dropouts and more.

How We Help Healthcare Professionals

LEVER engineer wireless networks with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of medical radio frequency systems and wireless communications. Our state-of-the-art tools and our unique methodologies set us apart from the rest.

Expert Design for Performance and Reliability

Wireless systems must perform in healthcare environments, but we have seen many that don’t – due to poor planning and design.

Take advantage of our expert knowledge and experience in wireless systems and Wi-Fi networks to ensure the success of your project.

Wi-Fi networks for Hospitals, Patients and Professionals

Hospital Wi-Fi networks should be pervasive, reliable and secure, but this isn’t always the case.

Our hospital Wi-Fi health-check and validation surveys enable you to guarantee seamless Wi-Fi coverage and reliable Wi-Fi service for your hospital or healthcare environment.

When wireless networks aren’t performing, you can count on us to identify and resolve the root causes – quickly, efficiently and permanently.

Our highly-experienced engineering team is backed by more than 20 years in wireless systems and almost 40 years in data networking, telecommunications, IT and cyber security.

Using advanced tools and methodologies, we are routinely called upon to survey, review, diagnose and remediate wireless systems in the most demanding environments.

Key Points

Hospital Wireless networks pose specific challenges that require experience, expert Design and Implementation, and advanced Diagnostic and Support resources. Your hospital Wi-Fi network needs to be engineered not just for Coverage, but also for Capacity, Performance, Reliability and Security.

The use of wireless technologies in hospitals is increasing, and new Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) applications for healthcare will demand specialist knowledge of medical systems, radio frequency spectrum, emerging wireless technologies and more.

Your healthcare wireless consultant must have in-depth knowledge of each wireless technology used at your location, and a comprehensive, vendor-neutral appreciation of the wireless hospital systems that will benefit you in the future.

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