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Your Course Includes

Superior CWDP Training and Reference Manuals (x2)

Official Certitrek CWDP-303 Exam Study Guide

* Bonus: Official Sybex PW0-250 Study Guide – while stocks last

Europe’s leading Certified Wi-Fi Design Professional training course

Expert training from Europe’s Leading Wi-Fi Engineer Training and Certification company – the World’s First and Only GOLD CWNP Learning Partner

Full-colour courseware, exam-prep materials, hands-on labs, expert advice from the UK’s leading Wi-Fi network engineering Company

Lifetime Post-Training Support – to help you in your future career.

Why this WiFi network design course?

This is the superior alternative to the Certitrek CWDP training course. Developed by the World leader in Wi-Fi training, LEVER’s CWDP training course helps you prepare for Certitrek exam CWDP-303. The Official Certitrek CWDP-303 study guide is provided for the Certitrek CWDP-303 exam.

  • LEVER’s CWDP course provides superior training and courseware – compared with the standard Certitrek CWDP course.
  • Improved training course curriculum – learn Wi-Fi network design concepts and methods not taught on other CWDP courses.
  • 2x Vastly-expanded and superior full-colour printed training course manuals.
  • Official Sybex PW0-250 Study Guide – while stocks last.
  • Our course incorporates instructor-led training on Wireless LAN Design using the latest 802.11n, 802.11ac and 802.11ad Wi-Gig technologies.
  • The course examines in-depth the Certitrek CWDP WLAN design process and provides attendees with the knowledge needed to Plan, Design, Deploy and Audit modern 802.11-based networks.
  • This course also helps students prepare for the Certitrek CWDP-303 examination.
  • Students who complete LEVER’s CWDP course will gain the essential skills for planning, performing and documenting wireless LAN designs and site surveys.
  • Developed by a World leader with more than 30 years’ experience in technical training
  • Expert training from the Industry’s leader in Wi-Fi Network Engineering – working in Universities, major Corporates, retail, warehousing, sports stadiums and outdoor Wi-Fi deployments
  • LEVER’s CWDP course includes substantial, valuable additional content and hands-on practical sessions that are not provided by Certitrek’s CWDP course
  • Complete confidence – your training comes from the longest-established CWNP Learning Partner* in the UK and Europe, and the World’s FIRST and only CWNP Gold Partner*
  • Expert advice from the World’s leader in Wi-Fi network Planning, Design, Survey, Analysis and RemediationThis course provides the necessary training to help existing Wi-Fi network installers prepare for the WCC Certified Wi-Fi Network Manager™ (CWNM) Certification Exams
  • Official Certitrek CWDP-303 Study Guide
  • Bonus: Official Sybex PW0-250 Study Guide – while stocks last
  • Lifetime Post-Training Support from LEVER Technology Group PLC
  • All lunches and refreshments

Train for career progression with the World’s leader in Enterprise Wi-Fi engineering and training.

* CWNP Learning Partner 2004 – 2016, and CWNP’s FIRST and only GOLD Learning Partner 2008 – 2016.

WiFi network design Training Course Objectives

On completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand and apply the Certitrek CWDP WLAN design process in depth.
  • Use advanced, structured processes for professional Wi-Fi Network Planning, Design, Survey and Deployment.
  • Design Wi-Fi networks for Coverage, Capacity and Availability.
  • Describe advanced Wi-Fi network design concepts and techniques not taught on CWDP courses delivered by other companies.
  • Design Wi-Fi networks using IEEE 802.11n, 802.11ac and 802.11ax access points, and WLAN antennas, for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz RF networks.
  • Perform Active and Passive Wi-Fi site surveys to Design and Audit / Verify modern Wi-Fi networks.
  • Get hands-on experience with Ekahau Pro (formerly Ekahau Site Survey) for Wi-Fi network design and survey.
  • Prepare for the Certitrek Certified Wireless Design Professional CWDP-303 examination.

Who should attend this WiFi network design course

  • All network professionals responsible for supporting or obtaining value and performance from Wi-Fi networks.
  • Network professionals who want to learn apply state-of-the-art methods for Wi-Fi network Planning, Design and Survey.
  • Wi-Fi network engineers preparing for the Certitrek (CWNP) CDWP-303 industry certification exam.
  • Wi-Fi network professionals progressing towards the Internationally-recognised CWNE (Certified Wireless Network Expert) Certification.

WiFi network design Course Pre-requisites

Attendees should have existing knowledge and skills to the level of WCC Certified Wireless Network Manager (CWNM), Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) or equivalent before attending this course.

WiFi network design Certification

LEVER’s CWDP course helps attendees prepare for the Certitrek Certified Wireless Design Professional (CWDP) exam CWDP-303.

  • Exam Number: CWDP-303
  • Availability: Pearson Vue Testing Center
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Questions: 60 multiple choice / multiple answer
  • Language: English

WiFi network design Examination

This superior Certified Wi-Fi Design Professional™ course helps attendees prepare for the Certitrek CWDP-303 exam.

The CWDP-303 exam was released in September 2018, and the final date on which you can sit the CWDP-303 exam is 31 October 2021.

The next scheduled update, exam CWDP-304, is scheduled by Certitrek for release in September 2021.

Lifetime Post-Course Support

After completing this WiFi network design training course, delegates receive lifetime post-training support from LEVER Technology Group, to help them apply the technologies and skills they have learned with us, to provide career-long support, and to ensure they are better equipped for their future roles in IT and networking.

WiFi network design Training Course Content

IEEE 802.11 / Wi-Fi Technology Update

  • Review of the latest updates in IEEE 802.11 and Wi-Fi standards and technologies.

Overview of the WLAN Design Process

  • The importance of good Wi-Fi network design
  • Impacts of bad design
  • Why most other design approaches fail
  • The WCC Wi-Fi RF Network Design Process
  • Understanding the processes of WCC-approved Wi-Fi Network Specification and Design
  • Necessary design skills
  • Preparing for the Certitrek CWDP exam

Detailed Requirements Analysis

  • Initial Planning
  • Customer interaction
  • The requirements gathering process
  • Documenting the environment
  • Existing wireless systems
  • Client device types
  • What is Application Characterisation?
  • Characterising Applications and their Usage
  • Information to obtain
  • Application-specific Wi-Fi network design
  • Defining Requirements and Constraints

Producing the Wi-Fi Network Design Specifications

  • Writing and approving the correct Wi-Fi Network Design Specifications to meet customer requirements.

Designing for Clients and Applications

  • Designing for Industry
  • Vendor Selection Processes
  • Radio Frequency Planning
  • WLAN Hardware Selection
  • Documenting the Requirements

Industry-specific Design Considerations

  • Corporate
  • Remote networks and branch offices
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Public access networks (hotspots)
  • Government
  • Transportation
  • Mobile offices
  • Outdoor and mesh
  • Last-mile/ISP and bridging

Wi-Fi Network Design Tools

  • A review of current industry-leading Wi-Fi network Planning and Design tools, including Ekahau Site Survey and AirMagnet Survey.

Basic Wi-Fi Network Design

  • Developing Optimised designs for Coverage-driven user areas.

Understanding Vendor-Specific Issues

  • WLAN Operational planes
  • WLAN Design models
  • Understanding vendor architectures

RF Spectra

  • RF spectra for 802.11 / Wi-Fi, WiGig and other systems
  • Modulation and Coding Schemes
  • Factors that affect connectivity and throughput


  • WLAN antenna types – how to choose and use
  • 802.11n, 802.11ac and antennas
  • RF accessories
  • Choosing APs

2D Wi-Fi Network Design

  • Understanding and applying 2-dimensional Wi-Fi Network Design principles.

Hands-on lab: Wi-Fi Network Design using Ekahau Site Survey or AirMagnet Survey

3D Wi-Fi Network Design

  • Understanding and applying 3-dimensional Wi-Fi Network Design principles.

Hands-on lab: 3D / Multi-Floor Wi-Fi Network Design using Ekahau Site Survey

Advanced Wi-Fi Network Design

  • Developing Optimised designs for Capacity-driven user areas.

Hands-on lab: Wi-Fi Network Design using Ekahau Site Survey or AirMagnet Survey

  • Advanced WI-Fi Network Design

High Density Wi-Fi network design

  • HD Capacity Planning
  • Effective HD RF network design strategies
  • Example HD network designs
    • Stadiums
    • Auditoriums
    • Shopping Malls
  • Evaluating your HD network design

Hands-on lab: Wi-Fi Network Design using Ekahau Site Survey or AirMagnet Survey

  • High Density Wi-Fi network design

Outdoor Wi-Fi Network Design

  • Advanced Wi-Fi network design techniques for outdoor environments including street-level access, campuses and outdoor events.

Lab exercises:

  • Point-to-Point wireless bridge link desigm
  • Point-to-MultiPoint network design
  • Mesh network design

Implementing Effective Quality of Service (QoS)

  • Understanding end-to-end QoS
  • QoS application points
  • Roaming support

Designing for Wi-Fi Network Security

  • The impacts of inadequate security
  • Wi-Fi network vulnerabilities
  • Authentication solutions
  • Encryption solutions
  • Security best practices
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems

Wi-Fi Network Site Survey

  • What is Wi-Fi Network Survey?
  • The 7 types of Wi-Fi Network Survey
  • Site survey methods
  • Site survey tools
  • Preparation for Site survey
  • Predictive site surveys
  • Manual site surveys
  • Site survey principles and processes
  • The On-site Survey process
    • An overview of the equipment, tools and processes to be used in on-site Wi-Fi Network Survey

Hand-on lab: site survey with Ekahau Site Survey or AirMagnet Survey

Assessing and Validating a Wi-Fi Network

  • The Auditing and Validation process
  • Surveying and Auditing the network
  • Assessing the network against the Design Specifications
  • Installation Testing
  • Tools for Wi-Fi network Auditing and Troubleshooting

Case Studies

  • Case studies are used in groups, to explore concepts learned during the course. Case studies include:
    • Designing for improved coverage
    • Designing for improved capacity
    • Designing in a moderate interference environment
    • Designing multiple SSID networks
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