Training Course

Understanding Mobile & Wireless Communications

  • 692
  • £1,895 +VAT
  • 2 days

Why this Wireless course?

This unique course from LEVER Technology Group provides an understanding of the technologies relied upon by individuals and organisations alike.
The curriculum includes:

  • UMTS (3G), HSPA
  • LTE and LTE Advanced (4G)
  • 5G networks
  • Wi-Fi networks
  • IoT technologies
  • Bluetooth
  • ZigBee
  • LoRaWAN

This course will help you to understand these technologies and what they can do for you, your organisation and your customers.

Who should attend this Wireless course

  • Both technical and non-technical professionals wanting a comprehensive introduction to modern mobile and wireless communications technologies, products and services.

Wireless Course Pre-requisites

This course can be tailored for technical and non-technical audiences. No prior technical knowledge is required.

Lifetime Post-Course Support

After completing this Wireless training course, delegates receive lifetime post-training support from LEVER Technology Group, to help them apply the technologies and skills they have learned with us, to provide career-long support, and to ensure they are better equipped for their future roles in IT and networking.

Wireless Training Course Content

The Mobile Communications Market

  • Present equipment and services
  • Current trends
  • New market opportunities

Understanding Radio Communications

  • The radio spectrum
  • The principles of radio communications
  • Radio wave basics: Frequency, Wavelength, Power
  • The essentials of celluar mobile communications

Overview of GSM

  • GSM features and services
  • The GSM Architecture
  • GSM in operation
  • SMS
  • Packet data with GPRS
  • GPRS architecture and operation
  • EDGE and E-GPRS

3G and UMTS

  • What defines 3G networks?
  • Services offered by UMTS Systems

LTE and LTE Advanced

  • Goals of LTE
  • Services and data rates
  • LTE and LTE Advanced
  • LTE Architecture and Concepts
  • Frequency bands for LTE
  • LTE and MIMO
  • Voice over LTE (VoLTE)
  • Latest LTE releases

5G Concepts and Drivers

  • 5G Network Architecture
  • 5G use of radio spectrum
  • New Radio (NR) and NG-RAN
  • Dual connectivity
  • Small cells
  • Network Virtualization and Slicing
  • Using the 5G Network
  • 5G Mobility
  • 5G and IoT
  • Latest 5G developments

Understanding Wi-Fi

  • APs, clients, association, security
  • Wi-Fi standards:
    • IEEE 802.11b/a/g
    • Wi-Fi 4, 5, 6, 6E
    • Wi-Fi 7
  • Data rates
  • Capabilities and limitations of Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi security: Wi-Fi hotspots, WPA2, WPA3
  • The many other aspects of Wi-Fi


  • How Bluetooth works
  • Bluetooth versions, data rates
  • BLE, Bluetooth beacons
  • Bluetooth security

IoT Technologies

  • ZigBee
  • LoRa and LoRaWAN
  • Wi-Fi HaLow
  • Sigfox
  • Other IoT technologies

New and emerging wireless technologies

  • V2X
  • Satellite communications
  • New services
  • Future trends
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