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Certified Wireless IoT Solutions Administrator (CWISA)

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  • 4 days
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Why this CWSIA course?

The WCC CWISA Certified Wireless IoT Solutions Administrator course covers all modern wireless technologies, including IoT, and prepares attendees for multiple wireless professional certifications. The course covers:

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Cellular mobule solutions: 2G, 3G (UMTS), 4G (LTE, LTE-A and LTE-U), 5G and CBRS
  • Machine to Machine Communications (M2M)
  • 802.15.4 and Zigbee
  • Location Services
  • Supporting wire-side technologies
  • Overview of APIs and Automation/Integration
  • Programming, Scripting and Automation

Who should attend this CWISA course

  • The Certified Wireless IoT Solutions Administrator course teaches and validates the necessary knowledge of modern wireless technologies, including those used for IoT. This course is appropriate for technical sales, marketing, technical support, and decision-making professionals.
  • The Certified Wireless IoT Solutions Administrator (CWISA) implements, administers and troubleshoots technologies that rely upon, or directly integrate with, wireless systems in enterprise, government and manufacturing environments. A CWISA -trained and certified individual is able to install, customise and coordinate appropriate solutions to meet an organisation’s requirements and constraints.

CWISA Course Pre-requisites

Students should have basic networking knowledge, including an understanding of the OSI Reference model.

CWISA Certification

This WCC course prepares attendees for two certifications:

  • The Certitrek / CWNP Certified Wireless IoT Solutions Administrator (CWISA) exam
  • The WCC™ WCC-650 Certified Wireless Systems Administrator (CWSA) exam and WCC-660 Practical Exam

Lifetime Post-Course Support

After completing this CWISA training course, delegates receive lifetime post-training support from LEVER Technology Group, to help them apply the technologies and skills they have learned with us, to provide career-long support, and to ensure they are better equipped for their future roles in IT and networking.

CWISA Training Course Content

Internet of Things (IoT)

Introducing Wireless Technologies

Wireless Network Use Cases

RF Communications

Cellular Networks

Radio Frequency Hardware

Short-Range, Low-Rate and Low-Power Networks

Wireless Sensor Networks

Securing Wireless Networks

Troubleshooting Wireless Solutions

Programming, Scripting and Automation

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