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IMS Architecture and Protocols

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  • £1,895 +VAT
  • 2 days

Why this IMS course?

The IP Multimedia Subsystem, originally developed for UMTS, has become the IP services core of choice for telecoms systems in general. At its basic level, the IP Multimedia Subsystem is an architectural framework for delivering IP-based multimedia services.
One premise is to use IETF protocols wherever possible to ensure interfacing and compatibility with existing systems

  • Each delegate receives a binder containing a copy of each slide with accompanying notes and a list of telecommunications acronyms.

Who should attend this IMS course

  • This course is intended for anyone needing a detailed understanding of exactly how IMS works and its protocols. This includes, amongst others, planners, strategists, system engineers and designers.

IMS Course Pre-requisites

IMS is IP based so a basic knowledge of IP and its operation including topics such as DHCP, addressing and routing is assumed. There is no IP primer in the course.

Lifetime Post-Course Support

After completing this IMS training course, delegates receive lifetime post-training support from LEVER Technology Group, to help them apply the technologies and skills they have learned with us, to provide career-long support, and to ensure they are better equipped for their future roles in IT and networking.

IMS Training Course Content

IMS Services

  • Home network Based Users
  • Roaming Users Support
  • IP multimedia Subsystem Service Control Interface (ISC)

IMS Architecture

  • Overview
  • Roaming:- Home and Visited Networks
  • Databases and Functions
    • HSS – Home Subscriber Server
    • SLF – Subscription Locator Function
  • Call Session Control Function (CSCF)
  • Media Gateway Control Function (MGCF)
  • IP Multimedia Subsystem – Media Gateway Function (IMS-MGW)
  • Multimedia Resource Function Controller (MRFC)
  • Multimedia Resource Function Processor (MRFP)
  • Breakout Gateway Control Function (BGCF)
  • Application Server (AS)
  • Interconnection Border Control Function (IBCF)
  • Transition Gateway (TrGW)
  • Location Retrieval Function (LRF)
  • Signalling Gateway Function (SGW)
  • Global Text Telephony Specific entities
  • Security Gateway (SEG)
  • Application Function (AF)

Interfaces and Reference Points

  • Cx, Gm, Mn, Mg, Mr etc.
  • IP multimedia subsystem procedures
  • General
  • Session-unrelated procedures
  • CSCF related procedures
  • Location management
  • User data handling
  • Authentication
  • User identity to HSS resolution
  • Implicit registration

IMS Protocols

  • SIP – Session Initiation Protocol
  • Diameter Overview
  • Mapping of Cx operations and terminology to Diameter
  • Cx message to Diameter command mapping
  • Message flows
  • COPS – Common Open Policy Service RFC 2748
  • H.248 – MEGACO
  • RTP and RTCP
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