Outsourced Wireless Network Support
LEVER provide a unique and revolutionary set of network support services tailored for Wireless networks of any type and scale.


We’re industry-leading wireless specialists and, using a combination of bespoke AI, Machine Learning and advanced monitoring capabilities, we can dramatically improve your network performance, pre-empt outages and provide rapid response when needed.


You’ll save both CAPEX and OPEX – and dramatically improve network productivity.


Call today to find out how you can improve and potentially outsource your wireless network support functions.
Why Outsource your Wireless Support functions?

LEVER have led the UK wireless network industry since 2002. We have extensive experience in WiFi network deployment and our credentials are unmatched.

By outsourcing your wireless network functions to us, you gain immediate access to the industry’s leading engineers – with skills and experience that take decades to acquire.

Avoid project delays, mistakes, over-expenditure and project failure by engaging the experts.

Make sure that your networks are managed in real-time ..  24 x 365  .. with the help of AI, pre-emptive alerting, critical analysis and cost-benefit reporting.

Call today to learn how LEVER can reduce both CAPEX and OPEX, and deliver superior services to your customer base.

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